Behind the Scenes of Billion Dollar Buyer

Filming with Billion Dollar Buyer was awesome!

Yep, I decide to apply for the show and was fortunate enough to get a call back! I went through interviews, paperwork, more interviews, paperwork and the wait! Then, I got the congratulatory call!


We started filming for the show at the end of August and just wrapped up a week ago. It was an amazing experience and I was thrilled to meet Tilman Fertitta and gain some business knowledge from him along the way. Of course, I can’t talk too much about what happened but I will say it was a rollercoaster ride and you will have to tune in! But by the photo you can see that I got to hold mitts for Tilman Fertitta…. Who gets to do that!!!

The air date will be January 3RD of 2018 on CNBC.


Over the past 20 years I have done a lot! All of that hard work and experience has gotten me to this place today. I am still on the climb up and now have a better direction of what I want the outcome to be. I started the Too Pretty brand because of my experience in a male dominated sport and industry. Boxing. I have learned so much and have figured out how to deal with situations that I hope most young women will not have to deal with.  The gender box is real and so it is my mission to encourage girls and women to ignore it! Keep on doing what you love and don’t let anyone tell you you can”t!


I have found a compassionate female community since starting the Too Pretty brand 2 years ago. I am so fortunate to be doing what I do and to be surrounded by such beautiful people. Thank you to all of you for the support and confidence in my mission and the Too Pretty movement!

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