Billion Dollar Buyer airs next Wednesday!


My episode of Billion Dollar Buyer airs next Wednesday january 3rd at 7pm PST on CNBC!

I wanted to remind everyone to tune into watch next week and invite anyone in the LA area to my watch party at The Stables Boxing club in Santa Moncia. You will see laughter, tears along with getting to know more about me and my some of my story. RSVP here.

To be on a reality television show makes you vulnerable because they can make you into any person just with editiing. Very scary! I felt that it was worth the risk since it would bring the Too Pretty brand into the public eye at a faster rate than I can do on my own. I am so excited to see how the final cut turns out and I do trust that it will be amazing!

Working with Tilman, Kerri (from Landrys) and all of the film crew was an awesome experience and everyone was great! We filmed here in Sant Monica and also in Houston Texas, I got to hang out on Tilman’s yacht in the marina and at McCormick & Shmicks in Houston.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the experiences I had throughout filming and the opportunity to grow the Too Pretty brand to it’s full potential. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive along the road as I couldn’t continue without that support!

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