Billion Dollar Buyer Update

Now for my Billion Dollar Buyer update!

If you watched the show you know I got a deal for Too Pretty!  On the show you will see that I got a 20K order from Tilman Fertitta and the black outfit would go into the Golden Nugget Las Vegas.  

This is all accurate except I ended up getting a bigger buy and into more of Tilman’s stores!

The last scene of the show where he is deciding to buy from me or not, I pull a rabbit out of my hat! Ishow him an outfit I was already working on for the brand. I just so happened to bring a sample with me to Houston.

He loved it! Which is why I ended up getting a deal. What you didn’t see on the show was that I created  a few more outfits on paper to give them an option to buy more. After we finished filming, I sent actual samples to him for the new outfits. They liked one of the outfits and decided to make a larger purchase. In the end, I got a 30K deal and they put the black and lavender outfits in more locations.  The put them in their online store, in the Golden Nugget Las Vegas,  Golden Nugget Lake Charles, San Luis resort and their corporate store in Houston!

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From what I have heard so far the outfits are doing extremely well. They may want to do a re-order! 

If any of you are around any of the above locations please go in and make a Too Pretty purchase. You can also purchase through their online shop HERE

Aside from all of the great outfits at the Golden Nuggets and Landry’s, we have our own NEW ARRIVALS at Too Pretty. Please check them out and support the movement by grabbing a few things.






I will keep you posted on the Billion Dollar Buyer progress and other upcoming project for myself and for Too Pretty!

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