Traveling to Sacramento

At this moment I am sitting at the Sacramento airport waiting to head home (my other home) to Los Angeles. My trip was great! I was able to spend a couple of days with my father and also managed to book 2 news segments. One was on Good Day Sacramento and one was on Fox40. I talked about my experience on Fit2Fat2Fit but was able to speak about Too Pretty as well. It was an absolute win-win!

It has been a whirlwind since Billion Dollar Buyer and Fit2Fat2Fit aired. One show is more focused on Too Pretty and one is more focused on me. When I started Too Pretty I thought it was a good idea to separate myself from the brand. I thought the brand was just about all of the girls and women it empowered.

I was wrong! My story is what created the brand and in order for our female community to understand the message, they need to hear my story. Lately, I have been working on creating more content around boxing and fitness as well as how those are a part of the brand.
It is definitely more work to create content for 2 brands but I feel like it is necessary.

Since the airing of Billion Dollar buyer we have increased our sales and I am hoping that the sales continue to grow. I was even contacted by 2 other retailers with several locations that would like to carry the brand. Nothing is for sure until the checks clear:)
I have also been contacted by some media outlets, blogs and podcasts to be interviewed and am taking all opportunities to spread the NeverTooPretty message!

As I sit here waiting to board I reflect on being here 6 years ago and how much has changed in those years. I am where I should be and have created my own happiness because I have found my purpose. I am meant to be a servant leader and I w ill continue to do so as long as my Female community asks it of me:)

BTW- I still teach boxing and if you are not in Santa Monica, CA you can still grab my E-books.

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