Weight Loss Show on Lifetime

I have been pretty busy the past year working on a weight loss show for Lifetime network. Oh, and busy training my fistic family at The Stables, creating boxing training content for my Youtube channel and busy with working on the Too Pretty brand all my waking hours. LOL!

I received a phone call back in May of 2016 and was asked if I wanted to be on a weight loss show as a trainer. I thought, “cool”, I can get some exposure for my beautiful sport and for the Too Pretty brand. But, there was a catch. I had to gain A LOT of weight for the show!

After some serious thought and watching the last season of the show, I decided to do it!
Obviously I can’t tell you all the juicy details of my weight gain and my weight loss experience but I will say that it was harder than I had anticipated! I came into the project pretty cocky thinking, “I know how to lose weight, I’ve done it many times to fight”. Ha!!! Not the same when you have to lose A LOT of weight and you are 15 years older than when you were fighting. Wow!!

The show is called FIT TO FAT TO FIT  and it was created by Drew Manning who did an experiment with his own body and mind. If you have a little time watch the first season that aired on A & E network. This upcoming season will be airing in January on Lifetime network. I am thrilled to see how the show turns out and to witness my own experience looking at it from the outside. I think you all might find it entertaining but also enlightening and maybe inspirational. I would love to tell you more about my “client” on the show, but can’t give too much away right now.

fit to fat to fitfit 2 fat 2 fit

This show was a journey for me and I was in an unfamiliar place. I learned a lot from the experience, gained lots of insight and learned more about human nature. Let’s just say I am happy that I decided to do the show!

Stay tuned for more details on the air date and the experience of going from FIT TO FAT TO FIT! 

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