Weight Loss Show

I was on the weight loss show Fit To Fat To Fit which aired on Lifetime network.

You are probably wondering why I would be on a weight loss show….. Well, I was called by the show to be a trainer. BUT, this wasn’t your average trainer helping a client lose weight. No! I had to gain 40 pounds and then lose it all while helping my good friend, Parneille loss weight as well.

Well, I came into this pretty cocky and thought it would be super easy to gain the weight and then lose it. Hell, I was a fighter!! So, I had 4 months to put on the weight and then 4 months to lose it. I put on 12 pounds in the first week!! So much fun eating doughnuts and breakfast burritos with sour cream! Yum! I started eating Big Macs and fries by the second week and then I was into the swing of things. About 2 months into the weight gain i started to feel weird and knew something was wrong. I told the producers that I needed to see a doctor. I went to the doctor and when they checked my blood pressure they freaked out! It is 199/99. WTF! They could not even do a stress test on me because they said there was a risk of stroke or heart attack!

My options were to go on blood pressure medication or change my lifestyle… my lifestyle!?? This was crazy. I had to start adding some good foods back into my diet but still needed to gain more weight. I was not allowed to workout during this process so I was still able to add some more pounds on.

Four months in and I was nearly 40 pounds heavier! My feet hurt just walking my dog and it was extremely uncomfortable trying to sleep. I had thigh rub so therefore I had to wear dresses and none of my clothes fit so I had to get a few things from the Goodwill.  One positive thing was that people were nicer to me. I figured that I was less intimidating because I was no longer fit and healthy. Pretty sad. I couldn’t wait to get the weight off!

Boy, was I in for a surprise when all my old weight loss tricks didn’t work! I decided to try the Keto diet even though I was really scared to put that much fat back into my body. I did the “clean” Keto and started to see the weight come off! There were weeks when I wouldn’t lose anything and would freak out. Funny how I was going through what many of my clients do, but now I knew what it felt like. I worked out one to 2 times per day and would add more running in when I did not see the scale move.

The final weigh-in was here and I barely lost all the weight I had gained! It was a wild ride and one of the hardest things I have ever done… and I have been punched in the face for sport!  Now, I tend to check the scale every few days to make sure I never get over a certain weight. Quit frankly, I am scared as shit to gain weight because it was so HARD to get off!  I am even more fit now than when I started filming the show and I will stay this way as long as my body allows me to be active! We get one body and one life and need to take care of it.

I cannot say I know what it is like to be overweight for many years but I will say that I do have some small understanding of the mental strength that it takes to lose weight… not just 10 pounds, but some real weight!

Please contact me if you are struggling with weight loss. I do have an E-book available with the workouts and eating plan I used to lose 40 pounds.


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