One thing I have noticed over the past 20 years of training people in boxing is that they may initially start for the physical benefits but they end up continuing for the mental benefits. There are many benefits of working out.

No matter what your reasoning is for beginning a workout regimen, you will always benefit mentally. Why is this? Working out is mental. First you must tell yourself to workout, then you must talk yourself through the workout and then finish it. That all takes mental fortitude and the more you workout the more you strengthen your mind. Aside from this, most workouts require you to keep your mind in your movement. For instance, if you are taking a boxing class, you must think about several different things to make your body execute a proper punch. As well, if you are working on combinations, you must think about the sequence of the combination and what your imaginary opponent is doing. Form and technique in any workout require you to use your mind. This all leads to focus. You are required to be focused while working out so that you can engage the correct muscles or throw the proper punch!

All of this has a two fold benefit. Keeping your mind busy while you are working out allows you to forget about all the stress in your life, for that moment. And sometimes all we need is that moment to get back some mental clarity. As well, the focus required for working out will carry over into your daily activities and may help you with work and relationships overall. So how do you feel after a great workout? Amazing? Yes! Not just mentally but physically you feel so much better. Working out makes your body stronger. Your muscles, lungs, heart, immune system and more. Not only will you get sick less, but you will live life with fewer aches and pains. We all want to live longer, but if you sick all the time or are unable to move around without pain, how enjoyable is that longer life?

Lastly, working out can have a huge impact on your self-confidence. This is not to be underrated as it is the one thing that effects so many parts of your life. Working out regularly creates mental fortitude, focus, physical strength and better health which all lead to self-confidence. Your confidence is also built by the simple idea of making improvements with your workouts. Are you throwing punching faster and harder? Are you getting in more reps within your HIIT workout or are you lifting more weight? All of this plays a role in your confidence. You now walk around with your shoulders back and head high. You feel accomplished! You are accomplished!

Never underestimate a workout and what it can do for you. Go find one that you really enjoy, work on getting better at it and feed your inner tiger!