5 Workouts That Burn the Most Fat



Boxing is not only an interval workout but it is also anaerobic.

When boxing you are going from one exercise to another, i.e. the punching bag, shadow boxing, jump rope, etc. This incorporates different muscle groups and keeps the pace up. The anaerobic part comes in when there are burst of energy used. In boxing, you may go light for half of the round but then you bring on at the end! That burst of energy expenditure makes you work anaerobically and is a pure fat burner.



HIIT workouts are not only fat burners but they are muscle builders and time savers! This type of workout requires you to work at 100% for a period of time and then do an active or rest recovery for a longer period of time. The idea is to get that recover time shortened each workout.



Running has always been a go-to fat burner and it really works! Adding in 15 minutes a day of running will burn calories and get that metabolism going. Even though this is a fat burner, you may want to do a couple of days of lifting weights or sprint intervals to keep your muscle. Runners are known to “run their muscle off”.



Weight training is a workout that not enough of us do because we are looking to lose weight and think that “cardio” is the only way to do it. Well, building muscle actually burns fat! If you keep the pace up and move quickly between exercises, you are sure to feel the burn.



Why are all the spin instructors fit as fiddles? Yep, that bike melts off the fat. Similar to running, this is a great way to get the metabolism fired up and burn calories. You will be seat drenched in just 30 minutes on the bike. Be sure to add in some strength training to your workouts if you are only doing spin to make sure you maintain muscle definition. Remember, muscle burns fat too.