4 Fitness Tips for the Holidays:

  1. Because we have less time for ourselves during the holidays, you should shorten up your workouts. But remember, if you shorten them up, they need to be tougher! Try to incorporate a HIIT workout 3 days per week. You can shave off half of your normal workout time with a HIIT workout. Burn baby burn!
  2. Workout at home. You can save time just by not driving to the gym. Get in some sets while you pies are cooking or between the present wrapping. We have more chores to do around the house to prepare for the Holidays so get in that workout between the chores.
  3. If you are spending long days at the office or long days at home with the kids set up 2-3 short 10 minute workouts. This can include squats, walking lunges, fast walking, knees up and even just getting up and down from your chair a bunch of times.
  4. Eat well and keep a good workout schedule during the weekdays so you can splurge at the weekend Holiday parties. The Holidays are meant to spend with friends and family and to relax. The way to not feel guilty indulging is to stay on track 80% of the time.