The inspiration for this article comes not only from my own outdoor boxing workouts but also from Havana, Cuba where you can find the Rafael Trejo boxing gym. This is an open-air outdoor “gym” that has produced more World Champions and Olympic gold medalists in amateur boxing than anywhere else in the world. Yes, they get in their workouts outside! No need for a gym and no need for excuses! There are a multitude of exercises you can do outside to complete that boxing workout. Read through some of these great exercises and at the end I will tell you how to put them all together for a “knockout” workout!



There is not much you need for a boxing workout outside. Make sure you have good running shoes on, bring a water bottle and a jump rope. Since this is a boxing workout it is recommended that you have learned some of the basic fundamentals of boxing.



In boxing, there are a couple of ways you can warm up. Running and roping (aka jumping rope) are great ways to warm up and can also be used for sprint intervals.

If you decide to run for your warm-up; take a few laps around the block. Whether you are at home or at the park, you can get in about half a mile to a mile with a light run.

If roping is your preferred method of warming up, make sure to do about five to ten minutes of jumping rope. This will be done at a slower pace staying relaxed and your feet jumping only high enough to get over the rope (2 inches off ground).


No Need For A Mirror

Shadow boxing is a huge part of a boxing workout and is usually done in front of a mirror. Outside; no need! The ground becomes your mirror as you box your shadow on the ground; hence the term “shadow boxing” Shadow boxing not only gets all of your muscles ready for more activity but also helps you maintain a boxer’s rhythm. You are boxing an imaginary opponent during this activity which requires you to move your feet, your hands and head.


Shadow Boxing Combinations

You want to get your entire body engaged during shadow boxing, so here are a couple of combinations that include offense and defense. Each of these combinations can be thrown for two to three minutes at a time with a thirty second rest in between.



Jab, Slip-Slip, Right Hand

This combination really gets your core engaged. If you are a novice boxer and haven’t quit learned how to engage your core for all of your punches, this combination will help you get there.

  • Step with your front foot as you throw the jab out
  • As you are bringing your hand back to your face, drag your back foot the same distance as you stepped with your front foot and twist your torso to the left
  • Then twist your torso to the right
  • Now the right side of your body is behind you again which allows for the straight right hand to come across
  • Rotate your torso back into your stance position


One-Two, Bob-N-Weave, Left Hook, Right Hand

This combination not only gets your core involved but also your legs.

  • Step with your “one” which is your jab
  • As you bring your jab back to your face you are simultaneously throwing out your right hand as well as rotating the right hip and shoulder forward and dragging the back foot the same distance as you stepped with your front foot
  • As you are bringing your right hand back to your face, begin to drop down, bending your knees and rotating your right shoulder behind you (this is your defense from your opponent’s left hook- The Bob)
  • Staying low rotate your shoulders back to the left as you begin to come back up ( this is your defense from your opponent’s looping right hand- The Weave)
  • Now that you’re your left shoulder is behind you, your body is wound up for a left hook
  • Throw your left hook out as you rotate your body to the right, keeping your right hand up
  • Now the right side of your body is behind you which allows for that straight right hand to be thrown out
  • As you bring your right hand back to your face rotate back into your stance



Plyometric exercises are a big part of a boxer’s workout. Boxing is mostly an anaerobic activity; therefore plyometrics help with conditioning the athlete for that kind of work.

Jump Squats

  • Start in standing position, feet facing forward, shoulder width apart,
  • Drop down into a squat position and immediately push back up into a jump at least one foot above the ground
  • As you return to the ground, immediately drop back into the squat position—making sure your knees don’t go past your toes
  • repeat the sequence ten to twenty times
  • You may swing their arms to give your body momentum
  • Great for glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core
  • Do fifteen to twenty-five reps


Burpee With A Push-Up

  • Drop into a narrow stance squat position with hand on the ground next to you
  • Kick both feet behind you keeping them together keeping your arms extended (finishing in a push-up position)
  • Do one full push up
  • Immediately return feet back to narrow stance squat position being sure to keep feet together as you bring them back
  • Jump up, bringing both feet off the floor, and clap over head
  • Great as a full body exercise
  • Do ten to twenty reps


Putting It All Together

Now with a full arsenal of exercises, you can put them all together for the best boxing workout outside.

With personal round timer

Set your timer on two minute intervals with one minute rests. Don’t be fooled by this rest period because that will be the time you will be doing your plyometrics.

After two to four rounds (five to ten minutes) of warm-up you will start the workout. You will do three sets of five rounds (approximately forty-five minutes). Each round will include:

Round One:

Jab, slip-slip, right hand


Burpee with push-up

Round Two:

One-two, bob-n-weave, left hook, right hand


Jump squats


Round Three:



Burpee with push-up

Round Four:

Jab, slip-slip, right hand



Round Five:

One-two, bob-n-weave, left hook, right hand


Jump squats


You can repeat your five rounds in any sequence that works for you. Adding the rope in allows for a break from the plyometrics if it is too much for you in the beginning. Mix it up and keep it fresh. Add in more combinations each time you do this work out and you will be fighting like a champ in no time! Always Do More, never less and you will get the results you are looking for. No excuses!